August 20, 2011

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“Joining ASHRAE is the best thing you can ever do for your career. The monthly chapter meetings will provide you with valuable insight into your future profession. You will be able to connect with brilliant professionals, see some amazing construction projects, and will help you land in that dream job.”

If you are interested in joining ASHRAE Concordia as an executive or first-year rep, please send an email to

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The Concordia Student branch is a great way to stay in touch with fellow student and alumni. As a member you can take part in activities, join our visits and go to the annual conference. Join ASHRAE Concordia online as member . This is where the fun starts! After joining ASHRAE Concordia you may attend the events and connect with hundreds of industry professionals. The events always include delicious meals, which is a nice bonus. Joining ASHRAE International as a student opens the door for your local chapter membership and also plays an important role in your professional development. Join ASHRAE online or use the PDF registration form.